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Extraordinary Plus 2 LLC has brought their vast experience in the retail and products industry for the last ten years. Extraordinary Plus 2 LLC has relationships with various vendors in these particular industries. With Logistics Specialists from private sectors as well as the U.S. military. With our experience and technology, we can deliver almost any product or service.
  • MBA in Operations and International Business
  • Highly Trained Logistics Specialists

Digital Marketing

Your product's success is heavily influenced by marketing. To promote your business, our marketing team develops original methods and offers a detailed plan.

Data Analysis

Data analytics entails creating a system for collecting, analyzing, and reporting data. With customized business analytics solutions, Eplus2llc, a seasoned provider of data analytics services, meets both simple and complicated needs.


You can choose from a wide choice of logistics solutions from Eplus2llc, all of which are customized to meet your needs.

Product Delivery Management

Get a tracking system for advanced agents to manage, monitor, and improve all of your deliveries. Use reliable delivery software to organize your delivery procedure.

Commercial Real Estate

A new idea for managing your precious property, Eplus2llc management is bringing about the greatest alteration in the conventional type of property management mentality.

Artificial Intelligence

For your workflows and applications, Eplus2llc AI Services offer ready-made intelligence. For popular use cases like modernizing your contact center, enhancing security, and boosting customer engagement, AI Services interface with your applications without difficulty.


1 / Military, Police and Fire Supplies and Equipment

2 / Government Infrastructure

3 / Data Analytics and Support Services

4 / Household Goods

5 / Janitorial Products

Government Clients


Eplus2 LLC is partnered with Louisiana State Government and are responsible to provide all types of Apparels, Fabrics, Dog food, and other relevant consumable items. The provided assets by Eplus2 LLC are used in all sort of events and programs initiated by Louisiana State Government.


Eplus2 LLC is also fulfilling the needs of Virginia government and partnered with them to provide Gloves and Apparels for an yearly basis. We cater their needs for an entire year and sourced the material, manage the fulfillment and deliver to the entire state offices.








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